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Stupid Faggot...

'Gay'-rights leader quits homosexuality

What an idiot.

You do not find the comfort you once did in your homosexual lifestyle. Your years of substance abuse and surrounding yourself with the 'in' crowd of homosexuals who merely revolve around obscenely shallow motivations has suddenly led you to a place of misery and how do you handle it? You turn straight.

The simple fact that anyone out there thinks that they can suddenly become 'un-gay' is such a preposterous notion that it boggles my mind every time I hear it. It's like you woke up one day and decided you weren't black, you were just super tan. To suddenly up and decide you're straight is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard, and coming from such a huge gay rights activist it's downright delusional. You are an accompliished faggot, Mr. Glatze, and you cannot deny it. For you to speak so passionately about who you truly are it merely shows the denial you are in when you turn around and decided to go all aboard the Vagina Express. By the way, when you eat a woman out, I really want to be there.

You hate yourself, and it has now become so obvious to all of us that all anyone can do it feel sorry for yourself. You torture yourself for being a homosexual but I truly do not belief you will find the solice you seek in a heterosexual lifestyle. For you, i'm afraid, your sexuality was a choice and I firmly believe it was a choice made out of desperation. Perhaps you were desperate to search for meaning in what can often times be a meaningless society and when you did not find what you were looking for you decided to take the straight and narrow path, pun fully intended.

You will not find what you seek in heterosexuality, and it is obvious you will not find what you seek in homosexuality. You believe your problems to be external Mr. Glatze, when in reality they are internal. So many homosexuals out there struggle with their own inner identities, sometimes so strongly that they feel their life is no longer worth living. You choose a life of denial, a life based on a lie you desperately want to believe because being a homosexual hurts too much for you.

Your problem, to be honest, is that you search for comfort, fulfillment, and enrichment from outside sources. You seek to define your life and yourself by whom you fuck, and whom you don't. I feel sad for you that no one has ever taken the time to listen to you, for surely if someone had they would have heard the pain raging inside of you so desperately. I fear that the only way you will able be able to feel at peace with yourself and your lifestyle is by first finding peace within. There is an inner turmoil inside of you that we can all recognize quite clearly because at one time, it was in ourselves.

In reality, you will not take this message to heart. In reality you will remain deluded in your 'lifestyle choice' (a word I take a twisted pleasure in using in a reverse sense than it normally is) and end up sad and alone. No woman will rightfully want to be with you, and no man will have you. We as a society expect you to become another example, and end up plastered all over the newspapers because you got caught sucking off a cop in a rest stop simply because you 'couldn't help yourself.'

In short, you are a faggot. You will always be a faggot, you can not stop being a faggot no matter how hard you try. It is who you are on a fundamental level and somewhere deep down you know you cannot deny this. I feel nothing but pity and sorrow for you that you think otherwise, and hope that one day you will wake up and realize this.

Until then, enjoy vaginas. They're pretty squishy, and smell funny.
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