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Queers In Arizona

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Survey for Culure and Sexuality Class [25 Apr 2009|02:49am]

I was wondering if anyone would like to take a survey for my final paper in my Culture and Sexuality Class. I'm writing on the research into the "Gay Gene" and the social impact it might have. Completely volunteer of course, feel free to skip a question if you like, no identities will be revealed. You're help is very much appreciated.

1. Are you gay?

2. If so, when did you find out?

3. Have you ever tried to change your sexuality?

4. Did your upbringing accept or discourage you're sexuality and what impact did it have on your sexuality.

5. Do you think there could be a "Gay Gene"?

6. How do you feel about "Curing Gay" programs and would you try one?

7. What do you think the impact of finding a "Gay Gene" would have on society?

8. Would you want there to be a "Gay Gene"?

9. If yo could test your child for a "Gay Gene" would you?

Once again, thank you for your help.
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The Door [18 Jan 2009|10:43am]

Has anyone been to that new gay bar in Tempe, The Door?  Is it worth going to?
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Know any queer rural zines? x-post (if this doesn't belong/breaks rules, sorry; tell me&I'll delete) [20 Dec 2008|03:32am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but my friend Jenna (a.k.a. trashcan_chica) needs some help:

"does anyone know of any queer zines about living in rural areas or going to rural areas?

any help/pointing in the right direction would be amazing. i went through the whole Queer Zine Archive and couldn't really find anything.

jenna b

p.s. i just got a wordpress site, sassyfrasscircus.com!"

Her (AIM) away message also says: "is looking for zines about/by members of radical queer ANTI-URBAN communities, so if you know of any..."

So please comment if you can help at all; thanks. :]


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Xpost NO on 102 RALLY *tonight* [29 Oct 2008|07:23am]

(sorry for the xpost, last one i promise...)

NO ON 102 rally INFO - *tonight*

We have just confirmed that Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and District 4 Phoenix Councilman Tom Simplot will be speaking at the event. They have a previous commitment at 6 p.m. so if you want to be there to listen to their encouraging words please arrive before 5:30 pm. Other special speakers will include Equality Arizona Executive Director Barbara McCullough-Jones, activist and former Arizona congressional candidate for District 3 Annie Loyd, Seven Straight Nights coordinator Susan Hurley, Body Positive founder Kirk Baxter and allies from the faith community.

See you all there!

When: This Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 | 5:30 7:30 pm
Where: SW Corner of Central Ave. and Camelback Rd.
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LGBTQ Tucson / Tempe? [20 Jun 2008|07:14pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hello everyone,

I am a rising undergrad senior who is looking into applying for Ph.D programs in the fall. I want to do Women's Studies / Gender Studies with the goal of becoming a college professor, and I've realized through my research that the University of Arizona as well as Arizona State both have some of the best programs in the country.

What I want to know is, with Arizona being a red state overall and all that, how liberal is Tucson and/or Tempe, depending on which area[s] you're familiar with, and more specifically / to the point, how is the LGBTQ community? Is the surrounding area very homophobic / hostile? I know that society at large is, but as a Californian who attends college in western Massachusetts and who also is a lesbian with a fiancee who is a huge part of my life [obviously], I really want to know what I'm getting myself into before I move to Arizona with her. Any input you could give me, even if it's anecdotal, would be *greatly* appreciated. I'm also going to post this to a few other communities [The University of Arizona community, an ASU one, a Tucson one, a Phoenix one, etc.].

Thanks so much in advance for your time!

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[11 Mar 2008|01:16am]

***mods please delete if this is not aloud***


NEW YORK, Feb. 14, 2008 – Ten years after Wyoming college student Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered because of his sexual orientation, a 15-year-old gay California student is dead after a student allegedly shot him because of his sexual orientation and gender expression.

Lawrence King, an eighth-grader at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard, was shot Tuesday morning in English class. The 14-year-old attacker, among a group of students known to bully and harass King because he sometimes wore makeup and jewelry and told classmates he was gay, has been charged with murder and a hate crime."

"This incident of senseless violence is truly horrifying, and our hearts go out to the student’s friends, family and the E.O. Green School community,"
said Kevin Jennings, Executive Director of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. "As a nation, we’ve had our heads in the sand for far too long. We need to do everything we can to prevent something like this from happening again."

For more information go to rememberlarry.com, or check out the LOGOonline.com Video which has ALOT of Hollywood support.

Clicking The above image will take you to the GLSEN Remembering Lawrence on Myspace.
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[11 Jan 2008|10:18pm]
Please read this entry its important.
I find the possibility of a child predator owning a movie theater horrifying.
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Lesbian Connection magazine! [26 Nov 2007|07:25pm]

From: ElsiePub@aol.com
Hello from Margy at Lesbian Connection magazine!  I’m trying to get the word out to lesbians everywhere about our FREE magazine.  In case you haven’t heard of LC before, or if you just lost touch with us, here’s some info:
Lesbian Connection is the free worldwide forum of news, ideas, and information for, by, and about lesbians.  We’ve been publishing since 1974, and we mail issues out every other month in plain brown envelopes (the word “lesbian” doesn’t appear anywhere on the outside).
This magazine is a grassroots forum, which means it’s truly written by our readers.  On its pages you’ll find info for lesbians on places to live and where to travel, lesbian B&Bs and guesthouses, websites, cruises, festivals, conferences, lesbian land and retirement communities, products (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.), campgrounds and retreats, lesbian lawyers and realtors, as well as the comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For,” and much more.  There are also reviews, articles, and letters dealing with whatever issues LC’s readers are talking about, from “The L Word” to health issues, relationships, and politics. 
So, if you’re a lesbian and you’d like to start receiving LC, all you need to do is email us (elsiepub@aol.com) your full name and complete (snail mail) mailing address and we’ll be happy to add you to our list.  (By the way, our mailing list is totally confidential; we never sell, loan or share it with anyone else.)  We’d also like to know where you heard about us.  In case you’re wondering LC survives on the donations we receive from our readers.  However, contributions are voluntary and subscriptions really are free to all lesbians.  Our goal is, quite simply, to connect the lesbian community worldwide.  (F.Y.I. our official name and address is Elsie Publishing Institute (EPI), PO Box 811, East Lansing, MI 48826, ph 517-371-5257, fax 517-371-5200.  EPI is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 nonprofit charity.) 
We hope to hear from you soon, and feel free to forward this email on to your lesbian friends and list-serves!
For Lesbian Connection,
P.S. If you email us by the end of the month we should be able to get you into our next mailing.
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Monster Ball [14 Oct 2007|05:53pm]

Is anyone going to that Monster Ball at Club Area?

Is it gay, str8 or mixed?
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Queer Fun [10 Oct 2007|02:49pm]


What's fun and queer to do in Arizona these days? (Besides the bars!)

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Its your last chance! [16 Sep 2007|12:04pm]

This is your last chance to see Bloody Unicorn's production of Lesbian Shorts IV, a one act play festival, each with a lesbian character or relationship as the central theme!!

Today (Sunday, 9/16) in Scottsdale!

Entertainment Alley
2200 N. Scottsdale Road

Tickets are only $18 for FOUR hilarious plays. You don't want to miss this. These talented actors and actresses have traveled all the way up here from the far reaches of Tucson to bring this awesome entertainment to you... ;)

For more information please visit www.bloodyunicorn.com.

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Stupid Faggot... [20 Jul 2007|05:01pm]

[ mood | irate ]

'Gay'-rights leader quits homosexuality

What an idiot.

You do not find the comfort you once did in your homosexual lifestyle. Your years of substance abuse and surrounding yourself with the 'in' crowd of homosexuals who merely revolve around obscenely shallow motivations has suddenly led you to a place of misery and how do you handle it? You turn straight.

The simple fact that anyone out there thinks that they can suddenly become 'un-gay' is such a preposterous notion that it boggles my mind every time I hear it. It's like you woke up one day and decided you weren't black, you were just super tan. To suddenly up and decide you're straight is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard, and coming from such a huge gay rights activist it's downright delusional. You are an accompliished faggot, Mr. Glatze, and you cannot deny it. For you to speak so passionately about who you truly are it merely shows the denial you are in when you turn around and decided to go all aboard the Vagina Express. By the way, when you eat a woman out, I really want to be there.

You hate yourself, and it has now become so obvious to all of us that all anyone can do it feel sorry for yourself. You torture yourself for being a homosexual but I truly do not belief you will find the solice you seek in a heterosexual lifestyle. For you, i'm afraid, your sexuality was a choice and I firmly believe it was a choice made out of desperation. Perhaps you were desperate to search for meaning in what can often times be a meaningless society and when you did not find what you were looking for you decided to take the straight and narrow path, pun fully intended.

You will not find what you seek in heterosexuality, and it is obvious you will not find what you seek in homosexuality. You believe your problems to be external Mr. Glatze, when in reality they are internal. So many homosexuals out there struggle with their own inner identities, sometimes so strongly that they feel their life is no longer worth living. You choose a life of denial, a life based on a lie you desperately want to believe because being a homosexual hurts too much for you.

Your problem, to be honest, is that you search for comfort, fulfillment, and enrichment from outside sources. You seek to define your life and yourself by whom you fuck, and whom you don't. I feel sad for you that no one has ever taken the time to listen to you, for surely if someone had they would have heard the pain raging inside of you so desperately. I fear that the only way you will able be able to feel at peace with yourself and your lifestyle is by first finding peace within. There is an inner turmoil inside of you that we can all recognize quite clearly because at one time, it was in ourselves.

In reality, you will not take this message to heart. In reality you will remain deluded in your 'lifestyle choice' (a word I take a twisted pleasure in using in a reverse sense than it normally is) and end up sad and alone. No woman will rightfully want to be with you, and no man will have you. We as a society expect you to become another example, and end up plastered all over the newspapers because you got caught sucking off a cop in a rest stop simply because you 'couldn't help yourself.'

In short, you are a faggot. You will always be a faggot, you can not stop being a faggot no matter how hard you try. It is who you are on a fundamental level and somewhere deep down you know you cannot deny this. I feel nothing but pity and sorrow for you that you think otherwise, and hope that one day you will wake up and realize this.

Until then, enjoy vaginas. They're pretty squishy, and smell funny.

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Something to do on Thursday nights in PHX... [12 Jul 2007|03:10pm]

Here's a fun weekly show (with a drag king and queen, and special guests every week) at Club Vibe--I'm very involved in it, so thought I'd post it all over the internet :)

Seriously, who wants to buy me a drink??

Diamonds and Studs

Mikaila Kay and Anson Reign host Thursday's new party at Club Vibe.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

** $5 Stoli ** ** 2 4 1 Beer **

~~Special guests include Robin Foreignland, Rope Me Ronda, and more!!~~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

10pm every Thursday night at Club Vibe

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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OK I need help with this show!!! [07 Mar 2007|04:48pm]

I am directing a show this weekend, and I need one woman.

The play is for Insurrection Theater's "The Taboo Festival" at soul invictus and it is called "The Naked People Play"


Its an easy part. All you have to do is stand there, naked. No lines, no choreography, no facial expression. You don't even have to open your eyes if you don't want to.

Its a 10 minute piece, stars at 8, you should be done by 8:15!!!!

Its this weekend, Friday Saturday and Sunday!

Please help, it won't work without you!
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Come celebrate at Homme tonight! [04 Feb 2007|11:10am]

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[03 Jan 2007|10:22am]

Its that time of year again.

Im looking for a new place to live...anybody got a room available to rent?

Im looking for Anything with clean (relatively clean is good) Not excessively partying people.
Without pets is best but I can handle dogs. NO cats or ferrets. Looking for my own bathroom but I will share if necessary.

Im looking for that average 400 a month range. if that includes utilities it is best.
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[20 Dec 2006|10:41am]

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Don't Ask Don't Tell [14 Sep 2006|07:55am]

After 13 years, it is time to end the silence created by the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which forbids openly gay and lesbian people from serving in the armed forces. For thousands of gay, lesbian, and bisexual soldiers already serving, silence and invisibility are essential to survival. Despite being courageous defenders of humanity, these service members are forced to deny their own identity. They exist in an inverted reality where deceit is mandatory, truth is illegal, and abuse is their compensation. The pain of secrecy is only eclipsed by the fear of expulsion.

On September 20th in Phoenix young adults will begin their journey to fulfill their dreams of serving for the United States Coast Guard. They will attempt to enlist but are unwilling to hide their sexual orientation. They are asking the Coast Guard to honor their desire to serve their country and not reject it. When these capable and able young enlistees are rejected we will sit-in at the recruitment center.

This is a peaceful protest that says, I don't take no for an answer and my friend is next in line. Are you 18 -28 gay or lesbian and have a desire to serve your country but are not willing to lie about your sexual orientation to do so? Are you someone gay or straight who believes that these enlistees should be allowed to serve their country openly? Are you willing to sit-in when their desire is rejected?

All we ask is that you join us in a nonviolent spirit and, should the police be present, understand that you will not be arrested if you do not wish to submit to civil disobedience. No one is ever arrested by accident.

Event Details
Sep 20, 2006, 10 a.m.

For More Information
Contact Meg Sneed
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Art Geeks Looking for Roommate (crossposted) [20 Aug 2006|01:12pm]

[ mood | busy ]

To start, I appologize if this is out of place here... If there is a problem, let me know and I'll remove it!

We are a trio of writers/cartoonists moving into a rental house in East Mesa by mid-September. The month of rent for September will be covered, but we are looking for a fourth roommate to help pay the bills. The house is a four bedroom, two bath with a spacious rec room and an enormous kitchen - we're very excited about it, as it's a much better deal and larger than we expected to get for the price. The landlord is very nice and accomodating, and has given us a lot of freedom on decoration. It's a quiet, low-key neighborhood, next to a park, Blockbuster, and a Bashas grocery store.

At this point, the three of us can afford this place by ourselves, but we'd like to get a fourth girl in on the rent for the sake of comfort and the few perks we do enjoy - hi-speed internet and sushi among them! The rent split will be, with essentials, utilities and groceries included, approximately $600 a month - very reasonable for the size of house we're getting!

* Must have a job/regular income;
* Must like dogs;
* Must be a legal resident;
* Must have a clean background (No criminal record);
* No illegal substances;
* No children;
* Candidate must be over the age of 18;

Preferences (but not necessary for consideration):
* Own a vehicle;
* Female preferred - exceptions can be made depending on the situation;
* Non-smoker;
* Cleanliness - we're not neatfreaks, but we like a presentable living space for the sake of company;
* Extra pets considered on an individual basis - we have a sweet border collie mix who generally gets along with other animals, though cats may be a problem;

A little about ourselves... Click to readCollapse )
If you're interested in meeting with us, either leave a reply to this post, or send an email to negacrowDELETE@gmailDELETE.com (remove the 'DELETE'). We'll exchange phone numbers there and set up some interviews! Thanks a lot!

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coming to the Southwest [20 Jul 2006|01:44pm]

[ mood | inquisitive ]

My partner and I are going on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera in March '07. After the cruise we plan on staying with friends in Bakersfield, CA that Sunday night (3-25-07) and then renting a car and heading out to Arizona and New Mexico. We plan on moving to either state in a few years.. not real sure of the move time line yet, but we are taking this opportunity to check out the area a bit more. We plan on taking 58 to Barstow, then I40 to Flagstaff with a side trip to the Grand Canyon, then continuing on to Albuquerque. Then we'll head south on I25 to Las Cruces, then west on I10 to Tucson, then up to Phoenix - Tempe, Mesa, Peoria, Glensdale area.... After that around April 3rd or 4th we'll take a flight out of Phoenix back to Maine.

We'd like to hear about the best places to go/ live, what there is to do for recreation, jobs, living arrangements etc...

Talk to me here or email me privately if you prefer.

*x-posted all over*

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