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Art Geeks Looking for Roommate (crossposted)

To start, I appologize if this is out of place here... If there is a problem, let me know and I'll remove it!

We are a trio of writers/cartoonists moving into a rental house in East Mesa by mid-September. The month of rent for September will be covered, but we are looking for a fourth roommate to help pay the bills. The house is a four bedroom, two bath with a spacious rec room and an enormous kitchen - we're very excited about it, as it's a much better deal and larger than we expected to get for the price. The landlord is very nice and accomodating, and has given us a lot of freedom on decoration. It's a quiet, low-key neighborhood, next to a park, Blockbuster, and a Bashas grocery store.

At this point, the three of us can afford this place by ourselves, but we'd like to get a fourth girl in on the rent for the sake of comfort and the few perks we do enjoy - hi-speed internet and sushi among them! The rent split will be, with essentials, utilities and groceries included, approximately $600 a month - very reasonable for the size of house we're getting!

* Must have a job/regular income;
* Must like dogs;
* Must be a legal resident;
* Must have a clean background (No criminal record);
* No illegal substances;
* No children;
* Candidate must be over the age of 18;

Preferences (but not necessary for consideration):
* Own a vehicle;
* Female preferred - exceptions can be made depending on the situation;
* Non-smoker;
* Cleanliness - we're not neatfreaks, but we like a presentable living space for the sake of company;
* Extra pets considered on an individual basis - we have a sweet border collie mix who generally gets along with other animals, though cats may be a problem;

A little about ourselves... We are three girls from various parts of the U.S.A. Two of us work for Progressive Insurance, and the third is starting a job with Kinkos/FedEx in a specialist position, so income is not a problem. We love animals, and currently have one dog, but plan to get another puppy once we've settled in.

We all three have bisexual leanings, and are very openminded to other people's beliefs and orientation - obviously we expect the same in return, so keep that in mind if you wish to reply.

We're very caring, friendly people and we always try to accomodate one another. The three of us are fairly quiet by nature, easygoing; it's one of the reasons the landlord was so happy to take us on, as the neighborhood is a fairly peaceful one and he doesn't want to cause problems with the neighbors. For the most part, we like to stay home at night, watch movies together, draw and brainstorm for our comic series and t-shirt line, and play video games. Occasionally we like to have friends over for dinner and get-togethers, but we're not party animals.

We all three are very responsible, social drinkers. We require a drugfree environment for everyone's sake, and are trying to accomodate a healthier lifestyle - chances are if you live with us, you'll be eating well! We all love to cook, and to feed people.

The kind of person (or possibly persons, as there is enough room for a fifth if absolutely necessary) we're looking for is someone who is responsible, rational, with a good sense of humor, and who can get along with quirky people. Being artists ourselves, we tend to be eccentric at times, but being of the cartoonist subgenre, we don't take ourselves very seriously either. Another artist or writer would be excellent, as it would be nice to have someone else to bounce ideas off of for our various comic and animation projects if you're interested.

As a note, it's not necessary to be an artist or writer to reply to this... so if you know someone who's looking, but not part of this group, please pass the information on.

If you're interested in meeting with us, either leave a reply to this post, or send an email to (remove the 'DELETE'). We'll exchange phone numbers there and set up some interviews! Thanks a lot!
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